About vandal

Tricia "Vandal" Van Der-Kuyp  is a proud Wiradjuri woman and Melbourne-based mixed media artist (Bundadhaany), stenciler, spray canner, paste-up and sharpie marker artist and all around creative type. In 2019  Vandal was chosen as one of 8 Victorian Artists to have her artwork displayed on a Melbourne Art Tram. She has created public artworks that have decorated a car parking space and gallery door with her murals, as well as a traffic signal box. She has produced award-winning art on skateboard decks and has published her own distinctive colouring book range, inspired by her Aboriginal heritage.


Vandal believes you don't have to be perfect to be a good artist, because ART HAS NO RULES!

Vandal runs workshops and engages in art drops around Australia where she releases her characters such as dingos, wolves, and orangutans on small canvases for adventurous art collectors to discover.

Vandal's artwork is distinctive, bold, energetic and full of imagination, love and whimsy. Her work has been described as – 

'A wonderment for the eyes and a spark plug for the mind.'


2017 - Globe Skateboard First prize winner

2007 - Faster Louder rising star award
2006 - Centre for Contemporary Photography People's choice award winner