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"Always Was and Always Will Be"  bracelet. Make a statement. Make it with this bracelet. A stretchy bracelet baced on 7"inch wrist size. Wooden beads. This bracelet is can be worn by both Mob and Allys.  Each bracelet is slightly different, so each bracelet, is unique. Have you heard people say "Always Was, Always Will be." in Australia? Do you know what that means? It refers to First Nations Australians being reffered to as the first peoples of Australia and that fact their land was stolen when European Colonial settlment took place in Australia in 1788.    


The First Nations People of Australia have never ceaded their sovientry or given their countries over to the colonisers. It was stolen from us.  So that's why it Always Was and Always Will Be First Nations land and waterways.


Part of my Defiance Collection. A creative response to the 2023 Referendum vote on the Voice To Parliament.  #alwayswas #alwayswillbe #treaty#firstnationsrights #statementjewellery #makeastatement #create #creativity #creative #bracelet #alwayswasbracelet #melbournefashion #wearit

Always Was, Always Will be (bracelet set)

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